Safety is the number one priority in our operating philosophy.

The management of K2 Electric Ltd. recognizes the right of workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment. As such, we are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions as well as promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health within the organization. Our safety standards must reflect our belief that no job is so critical that it cannot be done safely.  Our objectives include injury reduction strategies, initiatives and activities that focus on the ultimate goal of zero injury incidents.

In 2016 K2 became COR Safety Certified which brought us to the highest level of safety standards in British Columbia.

Our projects begin with a high level site hazard assessment, performed by our Safety Coordinator in conjunction with the Site Superintendent and a member of our Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee (JOSH), as well as a client representative who is familiar with the local site and its hazards. This will allow us to plan the controls for the worksite. Any hazards and their controls will then be reviewed with the client and our JOSH. After approval, they will be communicated to the crew at their K2 site orientation prior to starting work.

Each day begins with a Toolbox meeting with all of the crew assembled to review site hazards that change daily, i.e. concrete pours or crane lifts by other contractors, which will impact our work throughout the day. The crews go out to their work sites and will create a Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) which is task oriented and is completed by all persons involved in the specific task. In the event that people come to work on that task they review the FLRA with them and then sign onto it. Any alterations required due to the new people on the task will be made and communicated to all at this time.

A weekly site safety inspection is conducted with a Safety Committee member and the Site Supervisor.  A weekly safety meeting that is relevant to the work that is happening, with the client and other contractors, as well as any issues discovered during the inspection are held with the crew.

We also have work plans and permits for high risk work, such as work over 25 feet, excavations and confined space to name a few.

Our office and shop staff undergo safety training and participate in shop/office inspections and safety meetings. They are an integral part of our safety program.

This is just a brief overview of our program and is in no way all inclusive. We have been using this program which is a living program and constantly under revision for about 9 years now.

We have been a client in good standing with Alberta WCB on and off for over 10 years. As we have not had an account opened for five consecutive years we do not have an experience rating yet but we have had no incidents on our record. Our WSBC experience rate assessment for 2018 gives us a 35.0 percent discount. In 2017 the discount was 33.3 percent 2016 the discount was 32.2 and in 2015 it was a 24.5 percent discount.

We follow a quality assurance work program had have a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manual which can be provide upon request.